Review of Rebecca Lily Pro Set III

I often use presets as part of my post-processing in Adobe Lightroom and got long experience using VSCO Film. First of all the presets can give you a consistent look of your photography and secondly, it's a "tool" that rapidly speed up your post-processing tasks. I have been curious about presets from Rebecca Lily and when I got the opportunity to test her brand new set, I instantly said yes.

Rebecca Lily´s presets offers an post-processing look that cannot be found elsewhere, without claiming to be film emulation presets. What I have noticed is the dreamy pastel look on photos processed by Rebecca and I have tried to emulate it using Fuji 400H preset from VSCO followed by tweaking. With Rebecca´s presets the pastel look can be achieved with one click of the mouse button!

Preset: "Pastel - La Femme I"

Left: SOOC. Right: Preset "Pastel - Epiphany I". 

Rebecca Lily´s Pro Set III for Lightroom includes 27 presets. They are categorised into 5 bright color, 2 deep color, 6 mid color, 7 pastel and 7 "black & white", with 3 versions each: a base or milder version, and an additional two versions that progressively strengthen the effect. This gives you the ability to choose the level of the effect for your image. The exceptions to this are the "Tones" and "Kinfolk" presets, which simply provide color variations over the three versions. 

From left: SOOC, preset "Pastel - Epiphany I", "Pastel - Epiphany II", and "Pastel - Epiphany III".

To get normal looking pastel colors it's important to expose the photograph at zero to get a linear RAW file. The overexpose needs to be done in post, not in camera. This is opposite of what you normally would do when shooting with film. For best result Rebecca also recommends correcting exposure and white balance before applying a preset. 

Left: SOOC. Right: Preset "Pastel - Innocence I".

Left: SOOC. Right: Preset "Filmic III".

Left: SOOC. Right: Preset "Amethyst I". 

Left: SOOC. Right: Preset "Mystic III".

Left: SOOC. Right: Preset "Gold Rush III".

Left: SOOC. Right: Preset "Pastel - Amethyst III".

I have tested the presets in this set on a broad range of different photos and find them suitable for all types of images: portrait, city, nature. The effect of the presets are subtle and some adds faded tones (ex. "Chardonnay" and "Mystic"). What I also like is that there are three versions of each preset so you can adjust the effect. 

Also included with Pro Set III is a toolkit with 44 tools, 23 of which are LR5 specific. The tools will help you simplify your Adobe Lightroom workflow by adjust grain, sharpening, temperature, tone, tint, etc. 

Rebecca Lily´s Pro Set III are high quality. Every preset is developed carefully and even if they complement each other, there is enough diversity between them for you to find your favorites. Personally I have fallen in love with the pastel presets and looking forward to use them much more going forward. 

Rebecca Lily Pro Set III is available for purchase trough her website