There is something about Bali

After over 20 hours of traveling my two girls and I arrived in Bali in Indonesia full of excitement and enthusiasm. It's not often we are in Asia. Everything feels different than what we are used to in Europe and with almost two weeks in Bali, we experienced the difference. We also experienced the friendliness of the locals, always smiling and full of joy. Bali and it´s people are wonderful!

For me preparations for travels are half the fun. I read a lot to get insight into the facts about the destination, culture, main attractions, and so on. In this post I would like to show you some of the main sights we visited.

For this trip I sat my expectations high on the topic of photography. I went back and forth about bringing the Hasselblad or not. At the point of departure I had not yet seen the results of my first films sent to the lab, but I expected them to be ready for me to download during my stay. If these first films was a failure I would carry the Hasselblad for no reason. I also was skeptical about bringing film trough X-ray security scans: Oslo - Bangkok - Denpasar (Bali). After reading Richard Photo Lab´s blog post "The Effects of X-Rays" I decided to take the chance. 

During my first day on Bali the result from Richard Photo Lab was ready (you can see them here). I was very pleased and from that moment I decided to bring my Hasselblad 500c + Kodak Portra 400 film to all sights we visited. All photos below are developed & scanned by Richard Photo Lab and I also chose to use Johnny Patience´s Color PAC.

Roadtrip to Ubud and Batur

To get travel feeling and form an impression of Bali we went on a roadtrip on our second day. We hired a driver and English spoken guide and they took us to many places in the area Ubud and Batur. 

Mount Batur (active volcano, 1717 m)

We watched a Balinese ritualistic dance show

Bali beaches

Beaches in Bali is like a dream and we visited some of them. The temperature of the water is wonderful, but at some beaches there are big waves (perfect for those who surf). After a bit research we also found quiet beaches without large waves and there we enjoyed the tranquility.

Uluwatu Temple

Located on a cliff 100 meters above the waves of Indian Ocean makes Uluwatu temple a worthwhile visit. We had a great time in the sunset. Be warned: The monkeys are naughty and steal from your purse/bag, take sunglasses and slippers! 

I came across a wedding couple and just had to snap them

Jatiluwih rice paddies

I let myself be impressed by landscapes and fields, and in Bali the rice paddies are livelihood of many. Although it was a long drive I do not regret that we went to Jatiluwih where the most beautiful rice paddies are located.