1959 Hasselblad 500c

I spend time on social media. It has became a part of my life and one of the reasons I spend time there are the fact I learn a lot and get inspiration. There are mainly two social media platforms that are important for me when it comes to communication with others; Twitter and Instagram. I engage on Instagram to connect and share with users of mobile photography and Twitter for everything photo related. 

For the last year or so I have seen a growth and interest in film based photography. "The film photography revival". Maybe the movement started even earlier but I at least did not see it. Therefore, I have long had the desire to buy me a Hasselblad 500c film camera. Finally the day has come! 

1959 Hasselblad w/ Carl Zeiss 2.8/80

There is a reason why I bought this particular Hassy. The previous owner is Raymond Larose (raylarose.com) himself. Those of you who are in the community will surely agree with me that a purchase of Ray is safe and I know that the camera has been well taken care of. 

The Hasselblad 500c is a medium-format camera that was first introduced in 1957. My camera is manufactured in 1959 and got a Carl Zeiss 2.8/80 lens. Ray bought it in 2013 at Hunts Photo and Video in Manchester, NH. Now I hold this beauty in my hans and today I took it out for a little stroll by a canola field in Åsgårstrand. Can´t wait to shoot a couple of rolls, send them for scan and look at the result. Damn, I´m exited!

Heartfelt thanks for this opportunity Ray!

Taken with Fujifilm X-T1 w/23 mm and processed using Litely