Whistle on Grass

One of the joys of spring is to go for a walk and enjoy the fresh nature. I had a nice walk with my family last weekend and brought with me the Fujinon F1.4 XF35mm R attached to the Fuji X-T1. The 35mm (135 equivalent: 53mm) lens has a standard focal length with the angle of view similar to that of the human eye. Fuji claims it is ideal for snapshots and I agree! I have already fallen in love with this lens and know it will stick on my camera for everyday use. 

Here I have photographed my beloved sister and daughter Ina in an attempt to use grass as a whistle. Ina gave up pretty quickly and concluded that her hands were too small.

Next time you're outside, pluck a blade of grass for an easy way to entertain yourself. Most likely you also are able to annoy your family or friends.

Taken with Fuji X-T1 + 35mm and processed with VSCO Film Pack 5.