A Long Exposure experiment

My long exposure photography experience so far has been with the built in ND filter on Fuji X100s. The curiosity in me and desire to learn new things made me take a step further. After reading positive reviews of Lee filters I decided to get to the beach of Åsgårdstrand and give it a go. 

This blog post is neither a tutorial in long exposure photography or a review of Lee Filters. There are probably many good long exposure guides out there but I found "The Long Exposure ebook" from FlixelPix very useful. It´s a quick read for understanding the basics and David´s ebook combined with the online video tutorials from Lee will give you what you need to get started. 

I arrived at the beach with a time slot of about 20 minutes before the sun vent down. First lesson learned: Get to the location in good time. Although the location was known to me and I knew what I wanted to photograph I regret I didn't get there a bit earlier to set everything up and wait for the moment to shoot. With long exposure photography there are a few things to remember and everything can be stressful if your time is limited.

Lee products are high quality and the Lee Seven5 filter holder is easy to clip on and off without shaking the camera out of position. The filter holder got slots for two filters simultaneously, meaning you can combine different stops, grads and colors. For this long exposure experiment I attached the "Big Stopper" (10 stops) and followed the included exposure guide for adjusting the shutter speed. 

Here are a couple of photographs of my set-up taken with mobile phone (processed in VSCO Cam). 

Below you see a exposure of 30 seconds (not post-processed). 

I used the Fuji Camera Remote app to release the shutter and the camera crashed (!) a couple of times during processing. After countdown in the app the camera continued to process and I had no other choice but turn the camera off. I´m not sure if this is due to a camera bug or if it´s the app causing this. If you are a Fuji X-T1 photographer, please share your experience with a comment below. 

Big Stopper (23mm, ISO 200, f/5.6, Ex. 8,0 sec.)

Big Stopper (23mm, ISO 400, f/10, Ex. 30 sec.)