The Pulpit Rock

Known as the Pulpit Rock or Preacher´s Pulpit, Preikestolen in Norway is one of the most visited natural tourist attractions in the country. Approximately 200.000 people took the 3.8 km hike and visited Preikestolen during the four summer months in 2013. Preikestolen is a massive cliff 604 metres above Lysefjorden and is reached walking a path starting at Preikestolhytta, at an elevation of approximately 270 metres above sea level. Depending on experience and fitness level the hike itself will take around 1-3 hours. 

Due to the popularity of Preikestolen during the summer months EskilCamilla and myself decided to go as soon as the snow was gone. At this time of the year it can be icy at some places and the weather can change from sun, to rain and snow very quickly. Shift of weather was exactly what happened.

Half way rain became icy and the wind got stronger. 

Eventually we reached the plateau and it offers the reward of a spectacular view of the Norwegian fjords. Over the years that have passed, there have been several discussions about the safety of Preikestolen. It has been some tragic accidents and the Norwegian government has considered constructing safety railing on the edge of the cliff. So far it has been voted down, as it will harm the natural beauty of the cliff. In addition, they believe that visitors will only break confinement, climb over or balance the railing.