Iceland on Hasselblad

Last month my two girls and I traveled to Iceland. Going to Iceland has been a dream for me a long time. Of what I have been told and seen, the landscape pictures amazing scenery. In addition, the nature is reachable for everyone. That’s probably the biggest difference comparing Iceland to Norway. We do have incredible natural beauty in my country, but to experience it requires an effort. Both in terms of long travel time by car or train, but also in physical effort. The most beautiful mountain peaks, waterfalls and fjords in Norway require hiking. Visiting one location can take you multiple days. To experience Iceland it is quite possible to drive car from attraction to attraction and just walk several meters. The whole island is like a theme park for nature lovers!

In the four days we were on Iceland, we spent three days in the car and drove 1376 km. in total (see my travel map). We had a wonderful time together and we experienced the dynamic landscape but also sensing desolation. It is hard to explain in words but I got the feeling of being at 1.300 meters above sea level. Many times, I had to pinch myself when I saw the altimeter on the GPS marked 5 to 50 meters above sea level. Long stretches of road as far as the eye sees, almost no trees, only lava rocks and distant mountain formations. 

If I had no car and stood there alone with no sense of direction,
I would feel very lost.

The weather is unstable on Iceland during the fall. I recommend bringing clothes for all types of weather since it changes between rain and sun all the time. The wind is also very strong at this time of year. We had one day with no rain and full sunshine. On the positive side. September and October is low season, there are fewer tourists, and you can experience the attractions without the crowd interfering in your photo frame.

All photos are taken with Hasselblad 501cm + Carl Zeiss Planar T* 2.8/80 on Kodak Portra 160. Films are developed & scanned by Richard Photo Lab in California.



Jökulsárlón Floating Icebergs


Reynisfjara beach

The Black Beach, Vík